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MTAI leverages decades of experience, acquired expertise, and its extensive network of decision makers to promote the tremendous business opportunities available across the African continent to visionary US companies. Our trade-not-aid approach seeks to maximize returns for investors while providing sustainable community benefit. We strive to build a greater strategic confluence of American and African interests to enhance bilateral economic opportunity, create jobs, improve lives, and change the tide of China’s regional influence.


We provide both client consulting services and equity partner opportunities. We aggregate priority projects for potential development and do the initial preliminary assessments for inclusion in our portfolio. Project scale ranges from SME to major infrastructure tenders. Our due diligence criteria includes significant consideration to potential profitability, risk mitigation, sustainability and positive impact on the local community.  African job creation generates new markets for US business and helps stabilize struggling communities. 


For years, China has exercised its growing economic clout across Africa, insinuating itself there, often through Chinese government funded development projects in exchange for access to critical mineral resources. MTAI sources projects by which US companies can expand their business and create jobs both here and for African workers. Energy, infrastructure, agriculture, transportation, mining,  healthcare, and every other economic sector can benefit from the superior creative solutions that American ingenuity can uniquely provide.