Africa trade specialists.


Project Development. 
Policy Advisors.


MTAI seeks out high impact project opportunities across the African continent and visionary US companies to align with them for development, maximizing return for investors while providing sustainable community benefit. We strive to build a greater strategic confluence of American and African interests to enhance bilateral economic opportunity, create jobs, improve lives, and change the tide of China’s regional influence.


In all of its initiatives, MTAI strongly advocates for much greater US engagement in African business and development opportunities and conversely, provides a spokesperson for African decision makers to bring their projects to the attention of American investors, contractors, and developers.


Through our relationships with key African private sector and government decision makers, we identify priority projects for potential development with the goal of engaging the capacity of American companies to execute those projects across a wide range of economic sectors. Project scale ranges from SME to major infrastructure tenders. Our due diligence prefeasibility criteria includes significant consideration to sustainability and positive impact on the community.