Stephen Lande is a distinguished trade and investment expert with over fifty years experience negotiating and authoring US international economic policy, especially focused on the African continent and other developing regional economies. 

Max Karst has traveled extensively throughout eight countries of sub-Saharan Africa, working on a range of development projects in mining and mineral processing, gold and gem trade, airfield lighting, solar streetlights, among others. 

Disma Kagarabi was born in Bukavu DRC and came to the US where he studied and worked at Unicharm. Later for Great American Trading he negotiated mining contracts in DRC, Uganda, British Guyana, and Liberia among others. He is an expert gold and diamond trader.

Terry Dunmire PhotoTerry Dunmire brings decades of experience as an international attorney, investment banker, and business development specialist. His experience encompasses mergers and acquisitions, development in emerging markets, and investment advice to government privatization efforts.

Ambassador Herman Cohen is recognized as the dean of US-Africa diplomacy.  As an ambassador, advisor to Presidents, and a 38-year veteran of the Foreign Service, Ambassador Herman J. Cohen has devoted his entire professional career to African and European affairs.


Thotho Mabiku is a computer engineer and data base specialist with deep roots in the politics and culture of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Great Lakes Region. His insight penetrates  the often confusing and contradictory Africa popular commentary to provide reliable actionable guidance.